Our Guests, The Royal Hotel, Isle of Wight

Perfect Lunch. Perfect Service. Perfect hotel.

Guest Review

Incidentally the triple-cooked chips are the sort of thing a condemned man would have as his final meal, and fully the equal of Heston Blumenthal's triple-cooked chips, which is saying something.

Perfect Lunch. Perfect Service. Perfect hotel.

By Mr Chris H

This is how lunches should be. Into the comfortable bar for a pre-lunch drink. Look at the menu. Hard to choose: it all looks good. After a while a most friendly waiter takes our order, and then our drinks and leads us to the table.

We were in the conservatory, on a sunny day, and more elegant and pleasing surroundings would be hard to find. Food is beautifully - but not fussily - presented and quite delicious. And of the right size.

'Portion control' is not an idea embraced by most of the eating establishments in the Isle of Wight. You often get served dishes, nice dishes it should be said, of such a size that you think, excuse me, where are the other two people needed to eat all this? I do not see them at my side.

At The Royal Hotel, portions are perfect. Just right. That's a skill in itself. For the first time in a long time we could have a three course meal, and throughly enjoy it, without feeling bloated and needing to lie down for several hours afterwards, and possibly take one's blood pressure while we're at it. What a joy to have a Small Fish and Chips. Just right. (You can have a big one, if you want it.) 

No visitor to the Isle of Wight should miss this experience.

Service? The team of young waiters (and they really were a team) who served us knew exactly what they were doing and thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Really nice people.Their well orchestrated service enhanced one's enjoyment of one's food to a surprising degree.

Cost? Three courses, two people, beer, gin and tonic, three glasses of wine, about seventy quid. A bargain. One would have to pay two or three times this in London, where we live, and I don't think it would be as good. There's a nice informality that walks hand in hand with old fashioned formality at the Royal that I like very much indeed.