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5 Reasons to Holiday in the UK

Brexit - in whatever guise - will impact us all, including holidaymakers understandably fretting over future travel plans. This newest delay should ensure 2019’s summer holidays remain largely unaffected, but many Brits are putting off their holiday plans until we have more certainty.

All the more reason to book a staycation closer to home or better still on the Isle of Wight. A UK based island with an almost tropical climate, it provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sunshine without the worry of leaving the country.

Brexit Changes

Predicting anything Brexit related is difficult with ever-changing negotiations, so forecasts for travel disruptions are at best, educated guesses. That said, there are a few things that will change:

  • European Travel Information and Authorisation Scheme: This scheme will come into effect along with new documentation that will become a legal requirement if you are visiting the continent. This will come at a cost, naturally, albeit one of just £6.50.
  • Medical Insurance: Anyone currently travelling with an EHIC card and enjoying the benefits of health care, may find it suddenly redundant and therefore will need to sort separate medical insurance beforehand to maintain peace of mind.
  • Driving Licenses: There is no guarantee any deal will cover UK driving licenses, potentially meaning Brits will need to purchase an international driving permit.

In short holidays to Europe – much like Brexit itself - could suddenly prove complicated and less attractive to those looking for a relaxing break. One that can be achieved right here, in old Blighty.

UK Advantages & Isle of Wight Holidays

Brits are quite often guilty of overlooking the obvious appeal of a domestic holiday and why they can prove every bit as enjoyable as one oversees, in some cases, even more so! The Isle of Wight provides an ideal location to soak up the summer sun while enjoying a change of scenery and stunning surroundings.

1. Flights & Travel

UK travel removes any need for air equivalent meaning no risk of flight delays or cancellations, not to mention long periods spent idly waiting to board or collect luggage. Trips to the Isle of Wight are a simple 30 minute – 1-hour ferry ride away. Many of our own offers are inclusive of a return car ferry so you really don’t need to worry about travelling when booking your holiday!

2. Cost

Quite often, UK holidays are less of a financial hit. There is no need to fork out for flights, baggage allowance and the like – leaving you with more spending money come the trip itself or even an opportunity for multiple getaways.

3. Sunshine

Of course, guaranteed sunshine is something many Brits look for in a holiday. Recent British summers however have broken all records on that front, including the sweltering heatwave of June 2018. A tropical climate meanwhile can be found in beautiful Ventnor right here on the Isle of Wight. Its botanical gardens see an average rainfall of just 28 inches, creating a microclimate akin to the Mediterranean. You really don’t need to travel far to get your dose of vitamin D!

4. Local Cuisine

Anyone hoping to get away and sample the local cuisine should not underestimate the quality of British food when cooked right. Traditional dishes such as fish and chips, Sunday Roasts and cottage pies can be seen in a whole new light when rustled up by the best chefs using the best in local produce.

The Royal Hotel’s two AA rosette restaurant is one such example. Be in no doubt, remaining on home soil does not prevent you from sampling a better quality of food.

5. The Best of Britain

If long walks filled with stunning scenery are your thing few countries can truly rival the United Kingdom. The Isle of Wight alone boasts dozens of coastal paths, inland trails and themed routes, all decorated with breath-taking views across the island. Further afield the likes of Cheshire, Essex, Dorset and East Yorkshire contain countryside as far as the eye can see. Rewarding and rural paths are just waiting to be explored.

British beaches should not be overlooked either. Sea and sand are what most associate with the idea of a holiday but some of Europe’s best can be found on these very shores. Steephill Cove and Ventnor Bay fit that description, both within walking distance of The Royal Hotel. UK beaches are terrifically traditional, accompanied by nearby arcades and entertainment seemingly unchanged for decades.

British holidays have much to offer and amidst Brexit uncertainty provide a great alternative to European destinations. As for the Isle of Wight, it represents the best of both worlds… a UK holiday technically ‘overseas’. Don’t delay your holiday because of Brexit, pay us a visit for a stress-free break.

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