Check in, Switch off, Enjoy time out I The Royal Hotel

Here's to a happy, healthy and stress-free year ahead.

Check in, Switch off, Enjoy time out

Whenever you walk through the doors of The Royal, we aim to help you leave any worries far behind, for the duration of your stay whether that’s for a leisurely Afternoon Tea or a relaxing long weekend. In the meantime, we hope the following wellbeing tips will help our guests and followers remain happy, healthy and stress-free in the year ahead.

Work it out:

Exercise of any form is a great boost to mental, as well as physical, health, triggering the release of endorphins which improve mood and alleviate feelings of depression or stress. Wild swimming has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity recently, thanks to the alleged benefits of cold water to the circulation and immune system. But if you prefer something closer to home, there are a wealth of fitness apps and Zoom classes now available which allow you to enjoy anything from yoga and pilates to an adult ballet class in the comfort of your own living room. The key is setting yourself a realistic, enjoyable goal, rather than setting the bar too high and never getting round to running that marathon.

Head Outside:

Whether it’s beach-combing or forest bathing, walking in nature is good for both body and soul. It fills our lungs with freshly oxygenated air, exposes skin to vitamin-D producing sunlight, strengthens muscles and bones, and inspires with its natural beauty. As fellwalker Alfred Wainwright famously said, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing!” So wrap up warm and explore the great outdoors this winter.

The Isle of Wight has a wealth of footpaths, cycle routes and beaches that offer breathtaking views of its coast and countryside all year round.

Avoid News Overload:

If you find that conflicting news stories and dramatic headlines are triggering anxiety, try reducing your news input, and be selective about what you read or listen to. Choose one reputable source, rather than clicking through from one news’ link to the next, or following stories that haven’t been properly fact-checked - ideally, don’t read news’ stories last thing at night either, as this may feed anxiety and affect restful sleep.

Reduce Social Media:

Endless scrolling on our favourite social media platform can result in accumulated hours of wasted time over the course of a day. If you find this happens to you, why not set a time limit on your phone, via your mobile settings, to help keep to a healthy limit of screentime. Then use that extra time you’ve freed up to read a book, take up a hobby, call a friend, cook a new recipe, or go for a walk in the fresh air.

Healthy indulgence:

All the delicious food we enjoy over the festive season can sometimes tax our digestive systems at this time of year, so alternate the celebratory treats with some nutritious vegetable dishes, soothing soups, and fresh salads. By ensuring our bodies have all their nutritional needs met, we’ll feel better mentally too - and able to enjoy the next celebratory meal with true gusto!

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