The Royal Hotel's 25 Anniversary: A Poem

Our Loyal Royals feel just like family!

The Royal Hotel's 25 Anniversary: A Poem

Following the fabulous 25th Anniversary weekend here at The Royal, one of our most loyal customers, Francis Emery wrote a wonderful poem about his experience with the hotel.

We are delighted to have so many customers return to us each year, in fact, many of our Loyal Royals have become more like family, just like Francis!

Meeting the Royal family,
Was such a memorable day.
Especially when you think,
That we were allowed to stay.

Inside the impressive old house,
We were treated very royally.
With breakfast, dinner, cocktails,
And a splendid afternoon tea.

I can see you have your doubts,
And you don’t believe a word.
What?! No, not Buckingham Palace,
Please don’t be absurd.

Next best thing though, this place,
Such a splendid sight.
Standing there, majestically,
In Ventnor, Isle of Wight.

And all the staff at the Royal,
Are just like family to us.
Nothing is too much trouble,
They really do make a fuss.

It is now over fifteen years,
That we’ve been regular guests.
Yes, we’ve stayed in other hotels,
But the Royal is the best.

Throughout all of that time,
We hold many staff so dear.
But it would not be very fair,
To pick out individuals here.

for some staff are hardly seen,
Whilst adding that special touch.
So they all need to know,
They are appreciated just as much.

But now is the time to celebrate,
Such perfection handed out daily.
And who do we have to thank for that?
Yes of course, it’s the Family Bailey.

If they’ve been at the helm for 25 years, If that’s really how long it’s been.
Then I feel that we’ve been robbed,
For we’ve only been coming fifteen.